Winter 2020 2021 Makeup Trends You Can Try at Home

winter beauty trends


Let’s face it: you probably haven’t worn a lot of makeup this year. It’s been months of staying home, wearing comfy clothes, and covering half of your face with the hottest accessory of 2020, the Cloth Face Mask. For these reasons, you might not have had an excuse to hit your face like you normally do. But with the holidays upon us – arguably the most glamorous time of the year – now is the perfect time for you to pick up the pace of your makeup, so you’ll need to be ready with all of the winter 2020 makeup. trends to complete your look. The holiday season won’t be the same this year, which means the glamor won’t be the same either. Whether your gatherings are variety in-person social distancing or completely virtual (and you’re wearing pajama bottoms under your dressy top), you can use these fun winter makeup trends to create makeup looks that give you the impression of being things are slightly Of course, if you are going to a party in person, hopefully the masks will be needed – meaning you have the option of putting all the emphasis on your eyes. And if you celebrate behind your webcam, you can make a full face using some of this season’s trends. Previously, we took a look at some of the hottest celebrity makeup artists to find out what the biggest winter makeup trends will look like, from spectacular eyeshadow to shiny skin.

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The ultimate cat’s eye

Daniel Chinchilla, the celebrity makeup artist behind some of Ariana Grande’s most iconic cat eyes on the red carpet, says the classic look will be back this winter. “Cat eyes are an easy, sexy way to play on your eyes and feel makeup on,” he says. “What I love is that you can be as natural or as dramatic as you want. You can even add a glitter lining over your traditional black or go for a bolder color for something more fun. To get the perfect shape, he recommends starting at the tip of the eye and pointing it up towards the ears. Then slide the liner inwards. If you are using a pen liner, whether it’s felt or a brush tip, the more down you press the thicker your stroke, so you can maintain full control.


Drama in the eyes

Another holiday classic, revisited. “As the holidays approach, the upcoming trend will be one of glamor,” says Tanno. “[You don’t have to] just choose one feature to focus on – you can opt for both [dramatic] eyeshadow and matte lips. “She says Lady Gaga loves a monochromatic look from lash to brow, which you can achieve by washing eye shadow all over the eyelid and in the crease and using colors from the same family to add slight definition.” With any matte lip product, it’s critical to make sure you prep your lips first, ”she says. Matte finishes show more texture on your lips, so start by exfoliating your lips with a scrub like Lush’s Mint Julips. Next, apply a dab of any lip balm – Summer Fridays Butter Lip Balm is ultra-hydrating – and dab. Fill your lips with a matte lip liner like Haus Labs’ Le Monster Matte, and add a little concealer around the mouth for a really crisp effect. pout.


Fluffy eyebrows

First overly pinched brows, then Instagram’s favorite blocky brows, and now fluffy, natural-looking brows are all the rage. “I like this trend because when brushing and straightening eyebrows,” says acclaimed makeup artist Patrick Ta, whose signature stamp is a full, fluffy forehead. “It changes the shape of the face and creates a more slanted appearance and lifts the face.” Chinchilla also believes this trend will be huge this season, especially as face masks will continue to be worn through the winter. “The eyebrows are a focal point on the face, so I like to make sure they make a statement,” he says. Try a product that tints and plumps your brows without making them appear drawn or overcooked, like Patrick Ta Beauty Major Brow Shaping Wax or Glossier Boy Brow. Use an eyebrow pen like Urban Decay’s eyebrow blade to fill in sparse areas.


This glow

“Winter is usually a bit duller when it comes to skin and makeup, but changing it up and giving the skin a glow is going to be huge this season,” Ta says. Sarah Tanno, famous makeup artist and global artistic director for Haus Laboratories, is also convinced that it will be a trend this winter. To get the look, she recommends “sweeping blush and bronzer over the cheekbones from temple to nose and place highlighter on top to find your best light.” Garnishing your color product with a shiny highlighter can really add dimension and depth to your look. Finishing the look with an ultra-shiny lip can really complete it, giving your entire face a dewy, shiny finish. For a highlighter, check out Patrick Ta Beauty’s Face Gloss (launched Nov 6 on Sephora and or Nudestix Nudies Glow in Hey, Honey. Tanno loves using Haus Labs Head Rush blush duo in Bouquet & Ribbon. For lip gloss, Dose of Colors offers a wide range of flat and glittery glosses with ultra-shine finishes, or you can use Marc Jacobs Beauty Re Coconut Moisturizing Lip Oil (cover) as a mattress topper. transparent on your lipstick.


Get a chart

You’ve probably seen graphic eyeliner all over Instagram, so you should surprise yourself that Chinchilla and Ta are predicting the trend will be huge this winter. “It’s a great way to play around with a bit of color without having to master the art or blending eye shadows,” says Chinchilla. Better yet, there are no rules! Ta adds, “I love that you can play around and change the shape of the eyes. I think it’s a fun trend that you can wear all year round, it’s playful and fun, and it’s a way to play with color without having too much color. the eye. Chinchilla recommends bringing a small brush to a product like KVD Vegan Beauty Super Pomade, as they are “super easy to use and completely waterproof.” If you need a little more control and prefer a pencil format, Colourpop Creme Gel Liners are hyperpigmented and easy to handle on the eye Mix and match different colors and play with negative shapes or spaces until you get the effect you want.


Living as a lining

Another eyeliner trend for the season is what Tanno calls “living liner,” citing it as one of Lady Gaga’s current favorite makeup styles. Lived-in liner is a smudged, smoky look that you can achieve with just one easy product: a malleable eyeliner pencil. Look for a soft pencil like Haus Labs Eye-dentify gel eye pencil or Marc Jacobs Beauty gel eye eyeliner pencil that gives you some play time. Line your eyes with the pencil and use a smudge brush like the Makeup by Mario’s E 5 makeup brush to create the desired shape. Pencils like those from Haus Labs and Marc Jacobs dry so you don’t have to worry about them moving all night.

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