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It has certainly happened to all that some women’s perfumes (but also men or unisex, depends on the tastes) just “worn” communicate something positive, beautiful images and a feeling of Welfare. This happens above all with citrus fragrances, although, as Simona Savelli points out Extrait, online magazine dedicated to artistic perfumery, “They often have the defect of being too lighttransparent and with little persistence. It might seem a contradiction, but from a sensorial point of view, their super power is precisely the high volatility index: if compared with other types of notes, given their liveliness, the aromatic molecules that connote them, in fact, impact with greater power the olfactory receptors, thus causing one shock beneficial which awakens the sense of smell and sharpens the senses “, explains the expert.

But it is not only citrus fragrances that make us feel better, on the contrary: flowers, spices and special arrangements can be real cure-all. Let’s find out together in the gallery which perfumes for women, men and unisex can be the perfect medicine for mood, according to your needs.

You want to cuddle

Do you know the smell of freshly baked bread and croissants? Very good of Hilde Soliani it has precisely this agreement, with a hint of milk in the bottom. If instead you don’t like gourmands, take refuge in Gucci’s Mémoire d’une odeur. As reassuring as a hug, it has a chamomile note and the warmth of cuddly notes.

Very good of Hilde Soliani

Gucci’s Mémoire d’une odeur

In the morning you struggle to wake up

In this regard, “Many fragrances with an energizing power are characterized by bouquets with citrus notes, such as grapefruit, yuzu, oriental citrus with an intense aroma, or kumquat with its unmistakable notes, or I also think of creations with a green scent such as those with fig leaves, or tomato leaves that give us a boost, and black currant “, advises the Master Perfumer Maurizio Cerizza. We, in practice, offer you the caffeine concentrate Restricted Intense Café in Montale Paris, very aromatic, or Chance Eau Vive of Chanel, decidedly fresher and hesitated as a hypervitamin juice.

Restricted Intense Café in Montale Paris

Chance Eau Vive of Chanel

You need a boost of energy

Who doesn’t need a mid-afternoon recharge? The prompt intervention is expensive and always current Cologne water 4711, which is not only like a fresh shower at any time, but is truly stimulating for body and mind. And it is a historical formula, which dates back more than two centuries ago. Alternatively, the new one Gingembre of Molinard, spicy and spicy, very invigorating, it rekindles the desire to do.

You miss summer

Good memories, huh? The warm air, the sun on the skin, the sound of the waves … All wonderful, but to avoid letting yourself be taken by melancholy and turning everything in a positive way, the antidote is Rue de Soleil by Rancé, which tastes of ‘sun and blue’ (cit.) or Ylang Ylang of Perris Monte Carlo, which recalls the sensation of the skin in the evening, when it still has the scent of sunscreen and exudes a natural, but irresistible sensuality.

Ylang Ylang of Perris Monte Carlo

You are a little down

Here you need the instant SOS effect, more than that! Nothing better than Clinique Happy (the name says it all), double floral and citrus soul, an incredible persistence and the satisfaction of being stopped on the street by those who ask you which perfume you are wearing. Or the sweetest La Vie est Belle Intensément in Lancôme, an injection of positivity and optimism with that right degree of gourmand facet.

La Vie est Belle Intensément in Lancôme

You don’t see yourself fit (also applies to: You came back single. And you didn’t want it)

To know: “Every woman chooses for herself fragrances that represent her, which highlight the best qualities, but if I have to imagine creating seductive, deep and sensual feminine fragrances, I would compose them with warm amber notes, and with slightly animalised backgrounds”, says Cerizza. We have taken this into account and offer you two potions that will awaken your dormant dumpling. The first one is Rosa Absolute by Molton Brown, one of the sexiest, most sumptuous and tactile roses we have ever tried. Or, Étoile d’une Nuit of Goutal, a concentrated poudré of femininity and sensuality, decidedly classy.

Rosa Absolute by Molton Brown

Étoile d’une Nuit of Goutal

Are you on a diet

Raise your hand who is the lucky one who can skip this advice, because it has all our admiration. Going back to us, we have discovered that grapefruit is a natural anti-hunger. It is found in the fragrance version in Pink Grapefruit of The Library Of Fragrance or in Grapefruit of Place des Lices. They should not be drunk, but always used as perfumes.

Pink Grapefruit of The Library Of Fragrance

Grapefruit of Place des Lices

You’re nervous

Who among us does not have a day or a period in which one does not fit? There is help: “All the fragrances that have reassuring and soft notes, such as musky, light flowery, those with Rose, an excellent ingredient, which has recently become the protagonist of many olfactory creations”, suggests the expert. In addition to the essence of rose, we recommend two real goodies: you knew, for example, that perfume exists Nivea? It has exactly the same notes of the cream that we all know, therefore it acts as a madeleine towards moments of tranquility, with clean and relaxing notes that will seduce even those who do not like intrusive perfumes. Alternatively, Sulmona of Coquillete: almond, sugar and vanilla (yes, the sugared almond accord) with a touch of orange blossom create a Zen cloud in which you can immediately find calm again.

You can’t concentrate

The effervescent character of the citrus fruit makes the hesperidate fragrances a real panacea for the mood, as if they were endorphins to be smelled (and worn) when necessary in times of physical and mental fatigue. If you need lucidity and a creative twist, try Zest of Sorrento by Simone Andreoli, an adult, cerebral and almost fortified lemon, or Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarine, which has a greener and more aromatic connotation; also, the base of vetiver and patchouli makes it perfect if you like men’s perfumes.

Zest of Sorrento by Simone Andreoli

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarine

You would like to be a child again

No responsibility, no problems, just pampering and fun. Give the eternal girl in you the lightheartedness of Lalao of Zeromolecole, which resembles condensed milk, or What About Pop by The House of Oud, an olfactory DeLorean that, like a real time machine, will take you back to when your grandmother prepared you a snack with bread, butter and sugar, or when they took you to the funfair and there was the smell of cotton candy in the air and popcorn.

What About Pop by The House of Oud

Finally, three jokers: J’adore by Dior, maybe in the version Absolueven more opulent and luminous, a distillate of self-esteem and positivity. Very interesting and stimulating for the senses and the mind Tonkade of the Olfactory Laboratory: an evolution to follow in the alternation of sweetness and sensuality until the sillage remains. Last but not least Libre by YSL Beauty which carries, as the name suggests, a sense of freedom represented through the notes of Moroccan Orange Flowers and French Lavender with a sensual and feminine twist.

J’adore Absolu by Dior

Tonkade of the Olfactory Laboratory

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