Working in Fashion: Master in Fashion Communication and Styling at IED Milan

The ways to work in fashion are certainly numerous. One of these could be represented by the Master in Fashion Communication and Styling by IED Milan. Vogue Talents has selected five videos made by the students of this course who have distinguished themselves for their originality and talent. The first one we present is Which Character Are You? by Tatevik Avetisyan that we interviewed to let us tell you about his experience in the Milanese institute and to understand the creative process of his work.

To get some suggestions on how to work in fashion, here’s what we talked about together.

What is the inspiration of this video?

Humor. The inspiration for this fashion film was a process rather than a series of ideas which then formed a moodboard. I have modified the concept of my project for at least four times leaving my supervisors – Sara Maino, Stefano Guerrini and Federico Morgantini – with a pending topic. When you are too focused on creating the best possible project, you understand that “the best” does not exist. After presenting my fourth topic, a few weeks before the presentation, I said to myself “you are doing something wrong. It shouldn’t be that difficult, look at this project with a hint of humor. What do you see?” and the simple idea of ​​showing the importance of the choices of our wardrobe without the human presence spontaneously came to my mind and intrigued me. I wanted the clothes to walk, talk, drink coffee in the morning.

How would you describe your experience at IED Milan?

Challenging and rewarding. Through ups and downs I understood that certain things require patience, diligence and a positive attitude. My Master at IED Milan provided me with new knowledge and experiences and above all taught me how to be more independent, have a more open mind and represent my vision and beliefs. Enrolling in an international course means communicating with individuals from different backgrounds and this is a great lesson. I am very grateful to all those who, at IED Milan, helped me during my studies and walked with me on this adventurous path.

Did you refer to someone’s work for this project of yours?

No, believe it or not, this idea came to my mind in a second and the rest followed. During the creation of my art book, I was deliberately looking for references that could spark my imagination or help me present my idea from a broader point of view. In the end I realized that sometimes a personal project doesn’t need any reference to be complete. The idea was there and with the help of the video maker Sergey Zaychenko and an incredible team (Gohar Avetisyan is Gayane Ghazaryan) which helped me a lot during the shooting and during my stay in Milan, we managed to create a fashion film that told a story through clothes, in an abstract and humorous way.

What are your wishes for the future?

Seize the day. After all, if you can catch the best of today, there is no need to think about tomorrow, right?

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