Working in Fashion: Polimoda and the new scholarships

Polimoda announces a scholarship plan with a total value of over 2 million euros offering considerable support for working in fashion, foracademic year 2020 2021. The program provides for a transversal structuring that will cover the different types of study programs, divided into two-year, four-year and master’s post-diploma courses. Through dedicated calls that will be presented throughout the academic year, the course will be aimed at the most deserving young people, both from the Florentine and Tuscan territory, and to those at national and international level.

An unprecedented investment for the institution chaired by Ferruccio Ferragamo, today considered one of the best in the world in training for fashion and luxury, which in recent years has experienced an important growth in terms of students, reputation and size. Polimoda today has over 2300 students, 70% of whom come from abroad and choose to study in Italy thanks to the quality of its educational offer, a prestigious teaching staff, composed of professionals from industry, and partnerships for courses with biggest names in fashion – from Gucci to LVMH to Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino and Missoni, just to name a few. Three locations in the heart of Florence and the Made in Italy production district, with professionally equipped laboratories, including the new Manifattura Tabacchi campus inaugurated in January. With the new scholarship plan, all this will be made accessible to the most deserving young people of Florence, Italy and the world in order to be able to work in the fashion of the future.

As for the national territory, the focus will be the post diploma courses with more than 200 scholarships to access the new ones Associate courses, with the patronage of National Chamber of Italian Fashion, leaving next autumn. These are two-year courses aimed at those looking for an immediate insertion in the fashion sector, designed to ensure the preparation of profiles with specific skills: Atelier Design, Bag Design, Shoe Design Design Management, Digital Marketing and Communications is Fashion Styling.

Scholarships also for Raffles Milano

Between scholarships recently launched, also those of Raffles Milano, which it makes available 15 scholarships up to 50% of the tuition fee (not inclusive of enrollment fee) – for the Masters in English in Fashion Design and Business, Visual Design and Communication, Product and Interior Design, and Photography that begin in November 2020. Unlike the traditional Masters the Masters of Raffles Milano have a international approach, an innovative method and an international teaching staff. The courses have a duration of 10 months, only 20 students per class, with 10 modules. There is time until May 15, 2020 to apply for scholarships: for info

IED scholarships

IED has opened, on the occasion of the virtual open days, until 6 May 2020 a contest to compete in one of the 104 scholarships offered by the Institute to cover all or part of the tuition fees for the next three-year courses. To participate, you are asked to interpret the brief Respect! People. Future. Places. common to all courses and declined with specific requests based on the chosen course.

The brief, in a historical moment of world emergency, invites you to look at design – and all the activities that a designer puts in place – with an ultimate goal of improving the world and life and therefore sustainable development. Dressing, moving, having fun, telling, reflecting, living: these are just some of the actions we usually do but which have the ultimate goal of improving the quality of our life, as individuals or as part of a community. The winning students will be selected for a personal attitude to know how to motivate the reasons for their choice; use the representation technique adopted appropriately; communicate innovative ideas and show coherence between the chosen theme and scope. Further information on scholarships on the dedicated page of the IED website.

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