Yoga at home: lessons to be done online

In this time of quarantine, it yoga at home keeps a lot of company. Experts also recommend it to find peace of mind, manage stress, strengthen the immune system and carve out a space for yourself during this 24-hour forced coexistence in limited spaces.

Yogis and schools have taken action to facilitate the practice with lessons to follow in streaming, both free and paid, so as not to lose your balance.

Yoga at home with Maria Giulia

From his Can Cacao finca in Ibiza, Maria Giulia Alvigini, all the Tuesday and Thursday at 10am, holds live yoga classes on Instagram and Facebook. He has a very kind and inclusive approach, in fact he welcomes questions and requests for particular positions precisely to build the practice together. Finish in Shavasana by listening to Giulia sing and play guitarmakes everything even more special. Furthermore, given the current situation, it has transformed its own retreat customized in individual remote sessions.

Practice with Bali Yoga

BaliYoga @ Home is the interactive study from Milan and Bali of the Bali Yoga school. They offer four lessons a day with many different styles and all the teachers’ attention also on video. The lessons are paid, but almost every day it is possible to practice for free at least at one session. To participate you must register via the app or site.

Yoga Essential

On the Instagram profile Yoga Essential by Spazio Garibali 77, Seven different style yoga practices are available (Vinayasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Haha Flow, Hatah Raja and Ashtanga) that you can follow from their Ig TV. Every day they publish the calendar of lessons in streaming on subscription and those with free access. For example, every Friday from 18.30 to 20 there is the Vinyasa Krama practice held by Alessandra Martin, one of the most loved teachers in Milan. Also on the Instagram profile there is also a post with the sequence to strengthen the immune system.

Power Asana Yoga

Power Asana Yoga Studio is the school founded by Olga, which has developed a particular sequence of Power Asana Vinayasa with many variations of headstand and many repetitions of chaturanga. She also organizes lessons in streaming with different possibilities of membership.


Cristina Marino and Eleonora Billiotti they organize direct yoga, the calendar can be found on the Instagram profile of BefancyFit. In their #iorestoacasa program, they also share posts in which they explain the meaning, benefits and performance of different asanas.

Yoga with Lucia Liencres

She is a yoga teacher Spanish seguitissima. His study The class Yoga is in Madrid, but for these days of quarantine he organized the #yogaencasa lessons. And for us it is an opportunity to practice with her. To get all the information on how to register, you can send an email to

Yoga world

MYmondō the lesson plan live, is online. In addition to yoga practices, pilates is meditation, there are also gods Talks, moments of sharing on always different topics.

2Rise with Linda Gastaldello

Mother and founder of the 2RISE wellness method, Linda Gastaldello combines cathartic fitness, dynamic yoga and meditation with personal coaching in her practice. 2RISE was born as an online course and has a community of 10,000 practitioners. Find the online course calendar for this situation at this address.

Yoga at home (and with children) with Lucrezia Montrone

Every Wednesday at 16.30 until April 7 the talented (the writer speaks from experience) Lucrezia Montrone guides a practice of sharing even with the little ones. A unique yoga experience not to be missed. All information on the City Zen Yoga and reposted by Lucrezia.

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