Zara Reissued Their Pieces From the ’90s and ’00s

If you’re obsessed with ’90s and 2000s fashion like me, you’ll want to head to Zara right now, as they have just brought back some of their most iconic pieces that were first released decades ago. Yes, the Zara Archival Collection contains items that were originally shot on models such as Kate Moss, Amber Valletta and Carolyn Murphy and the pieces are just as stunning today as they were when they first came out.

Now, instead of trying to replicate some of the coolest trends from decades ago, you can actually throw in the exact items that fashion insiders wore back then. In the collection you’ll find everything from the perfect knee-high leather boots to a perfectly fitted winter coat to timeless basics you’ll wear over and over again.

I didn’t have a local Zara when they first dropped, so I never had the chance to wear them myself, so I certainly don’t miss a second chance to order them now. These limited edition pieces will sell out quickly, so I recommend adding them to your cart before they go missing.

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