Zodiac signs: the right perfume for everyone

It is known that i Zodiac signs influence the personality, we ourselves notice the differences between a person belonging to the sign of Pisces or Leo. Astrology is part of our life, nobody can deny reading, often or rarely, the predictions of theHoroscope. But can our zodiac signs also influence the choice of a perfume? All the “noses” say that the perfume reveals our personality, that’s why the date of birth can be a first step in choosing the essence that best represents us. TO Paris, the young Franco-Lebanese nose Samer Zakharia, has just launched Maison Douze, a collection of 12 perfumes which translates the characters of the Zodiac into olfactory notes.

Maison Douze
The collection just launched by Samer Zakharia, twelve perfumes that translate the characters of the Zodiac into olfactory notes.

We, with the help of the astrologer Stefano Vighi, we have outlined an astro-olfactory map, follow us on our journey.


Coincides with the beginning of spring, is the sign of life that begins. The notes are perfect for Aries citrus: orange, cedar, mandarin, bergamot, lemon blossom. Fresh, light, tonic notes, loved by both men and women. The essences of citrus fruits are straightforward and pungent like the power of Aries, more esoterically citrus fruits are considered the fruits of Sun, which exalts itself in the sign. In addition, citrus fruits begin to mature in November, the month of Mars, the planet that rules Aries.

Pomelo Sorrento from Gritti Venetia
A sparkling balance between pomelo and green tea accents, caressed by an intense rose.

Blue Mediterranean Capri Orange from Acqua di Parma
A relaxing fragrance that opens with the orange notes of Capri, supported by a background of musk and caramel.


Skilled in the field of work and business, lover of nature. In love he is sincere, faithful, sometimes too much passionate. For this he appreciates the Rose, May is the month of the flower and also of the sign. The flower is attributed to Venus and dedicated to the Madonna. At least there are roses 150 species: that of Taif, of Saudi Arabia, the damask rose, the centifolia rose, just to mention a few. It is a note that Taurus appreciates because full, intense, enveloping, almost physical, like his passion.

Eau Capital of Diptyque
A tribute to Paris, the city of maison. It opens with citrus hints of bergamot and continues with a flowery bouquet of roses from Bulgaria and Turkey.

A Rose for… by Floris
The rose is stripped of traditional romance. The delicate opening of tea gives way to the heart where the absolute Moroccan rose natural is combined with Bulgarian rose oil, expertly wrapped in spicy notes of oud and iris.


It is a very sign mobile because Mercury, the planet that governs the sign, is the fastest planet in the solar system. Symbol of intellectual vitality and also ofrestlessnessWhen the Gemini have an idea in mind, they immediately go to work to make it happen. The note that best represents them is theIris, fresh and captivating, which blends easily with the skin and remains intense, especially if balanced with musk and amber. It is a fragrance suitable for the twin personality, fresh but intense at the same time.

Iris Fauve of Atelier des Ors
A sensual, spicy composition with soft and poudré facets. A fragrance at the same time refined, warm and captivating, which gives comfort and elegance.

Iris Poudre by Frédéric Malle
An aldehyde floral scent of great thickness and elegance, in which the iris is enhanced by the association with notes of rose, ylang ylang, vetiver, vanilla and tonka bean.


Characterized by a sweetness out of the ordinary, because the emotions are more intense the more controlled. Very strong the link with the family, especially with the mother. He has a great desire to travel, even if he always returns home. The notes fruity, such as: peach, passion fruit, pear, strawberry, blackberry, watermelon, are perfect for the sign. These are delicious fragrances, almost for children, especially the notes related to summer fruit, given that the beginning of the sign coincides with the summer solstice.

Rouge Trafalgar by Christian Dior
A departure of red fruits, tenacious and delicious, strawberry and raspberry, all enhanced by the freshness of mandarin and black currant. In the middle an absolute of violet leaves.

Sweet Amalfi of Casamorati
Sweet memories that taste of lemon and quince in this spicy combination on a bouquet of incense and cloves.


Ambitious, authoritarian, vital, proud, loyal and magnanimous are the basic characteristics of the sign. Ruled by Sun, divine symbol, and this sacredness is combined with theincense. An odor that evokes mystery and magic, a symbol of beliefs and rites. The smell of this resin, intense and pungent, recognizable at first glance, has always inspired the master perfumers. Incense is considered the divine essence, it is burned in church and to purify, to recall the good powers.

Incense Extreme by Tauer Perfumes
A soft iris balances the incense in the heart of the fragrance, while the coriander and the freshness of the Petit Grain set the opening accents.

Bleu Turquoise by Armani Privé
A unisex fragrance inspired by India, where the hints of incense are softened by Indian jasmine and vanilla.


Capable of deep friendships rather than loves. It is a sign with intelligence, concise, critical, changeable that loves to explore, discover and try. The constant feature is the sense practical united to doubt, restlessness and always rational intelligence. The notes gourmand, or greedy notes, are married to his restlessness, sweet or sour, but always unpredictable notes, of which the forerunner was the vanilla, to which are added the notes of coffee, caramel, chocolate, licorice, hot milk.

Sulmona by Coquillete Paris
A delicious, delicious and tender jus, a cloud of icing sugar and almond that recalls the most famous sugared almonds in the world.

Toscanello dei Profumi del Forte
An unusual mix of gourmand, cocoa, honey, rum, coffee, dominated by tobacco on a trail of amber and vanilla.


The plus sign harmonious, domicile of the planet Venus, has an innate sense of harmony. For Libra, sentiment is of great importance and is experienced in a thousand nuances, whether it is a tenacious and sincere affection or is lasting and sometimes painful. There tuberous represents this sensuality, velvety petals on the skin that emit the sophisticated and unmistakable elegance, typical of the sign. Furthermore, the flower has esoteric characteristics for which it was thought it could exert one seduction from which it was impossible to escape.

Do Son by Diptyque
A floral perfume that brings a good mood. A flowery opening with iris and orange blossom to make room for intense tuberose.

Carthusia tuberosa
An intense and sensual floral where tuberose lives in new light, warmed by ylang ylang and rose on a trail of vetiver and vanilla.

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Sign difficult, mysterious and charming, to which you do not remain indifferent, either you love it or you hate it. They have an excellent memory and do not forget the wrongs suffered. Those born in the sign are active, energetic, insightful, psychologists, intelligent and passionate. And precisely for this reason their note is the patchouli, one of the most disturbing and mysterious ingredients, present in opulent and long-lasting aromas. Freedom, seduction and suggestion flow through its leaves.

Noir Patchouli by Histoires de Parfums
A dark, captivating and aromatic interpretation of patchouli. A fragrance with multiple facets.

Molinard patchouli
A woody and chypre fragrance, patchouli is reinterpreted sweetened by geranium, orange and neroli.


The last sign of Fire, exotic, warm, linked to travel and discoveries. Common features are optimism, self-confidence, enthusiasm, vitality, intuition, wisdom and ‘independence. For this sign, the perfectAmber, an oriental note, which makes one think of distant destinations. There are fresh amber that combine aromatic or floral notes and warm amber, oriental fragrances, characterized by cinnamon, patchouli, vanilla and other spices.

Amber Aoud from Roja Dove
A rich and delicate oriental, sweet, spicy, warm and sensual. Amber is sweetened by cinnamon, rose, fig and saffron.

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone
A relaxing fragrance enriched with amber and black orchid. Illuminated by the clean sensuality of black cardamom, ginger and water lily.


The last of the earth signs, a sign that expresses a certain strength, decision, confidentiality and selfishness. It is ambitious, climbs everywhere without knowing difficulties and obstacles in order to reach the goal. The note vetiver, woody and smoked and with hints of earth, it goes perfectly with the sign. It becomes fresher when combined with rhubarb, jasmine, various citrus fruits, basil and even coffee, it becomes more intense if combined with amber, patchouli and sandalwood.

Mythique Vetyver by Mizensir
Alberto Morillas offers a citrus mix that gives way to a heart of bourbon geranium and labdanum cistus. The blend ends with the intense notes of Haitian vetiver.

Vetiver by Christian Dior
A tribute to vetiver for a very masculine scent, where coffee enhances the main ingredient even more, making it aromatic and woody.


It is only apparently delicate but, in reality it is a sign that sets goals and consolidates them. The personality is original, absolutely independent, touchy and even stubborn. For the Aquarium, a resistant note such asylang-ylang, a flower of ecstasy and seduction, with enchanted and fragile flowers, but with a very intense and intoxicating perfume. Very important in the palette of the natural raw materials of the noses.

Ilang Ivohibe 15 by Pierre Guillaume
An exotic and poudré perfume, the floral composition gives way to ylang ylang, lavender, vanilla wood, patchouli and musks.

Gabrielle of Chanel
At the base of the olfactory construction there are four flowers: orange, ylang ylang, jasmine and Grasse tuberose, which together together interpret the ideal white flower.


With Pisces the zodiacal cycle ends. It’s a sweet sign, susceptible, sensual, but very tenacious and temperamental independent. Among the born there are very deep contradictions, because it is the sign that has in itself more possibilities for evolution. The note that best represents them is the jasmineesoterically the flower of Aphrodite / Venus which is exalted in Pisces. Its scent leads back to the atmosphere sensual of subtropical nights, the effluvium of its flowers pervade the senses, is one of the most loved notes in perfumery.

Night Scented Jasmin by Floris
A warm and sensual fragrance. The fresh citrus opening leads to a rich bouquet where jasmine is surrounded by lily, rose, mimosa, gardenia and narcissus.

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Jardins de Bagatelle by Guerlain
A great classic of the maison, a fruity flowery scent where jasmine joins the tuberose for a touch of lightness and brightness

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